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This website is a Free Independant directory of UK Shops which offer online purchasing facilities that is 100% secure.

This Information site will help you order safely when shopping online. You will find that cyber-shopping is fast, convenient and opens up a whole new world of merchandise and services for you and your family. Just click on any of the topics to find a smarter, safe way to shop online.

The Internet offers some significant advantages to shoppers, and is becoming increasingly popular with both adults and young people. It can give you access to products and services which are not available in your local stores. It can save time, and help you avoid crowds. It can save you money, as some kinds of products are substantially cheaper. It can help you research product details and make comparisons of prices and features.

But however safety and security during online ordering and payment are vital to consumers, and a lack of confidence about security among many people has held back the growth of online shopping. The news media sometimes has stories of commercial websites being infiltrated by computer hackers, or credit card numbers being stolen online. However it is likely that fraudsters are less likely to get hold of your credit card details over the Internet than they are over the phone, through the post or in a restaurant. If you take some simple precautions you can enjoy shopping online with a high degree of security.

By using Online Safe Shopping we make sure all these precautions are already met before we offer them a listing within our website ensuring the safety of both the customer and the consumer so you can shop online and in confidence.

If any online website you consider purchasing from displays or announces our
" Approved by Safe Online Shopping" logo below, you can be sure that there website meets our extensive criteria and is using upto date practices and technologies for online shopping transactions.

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